1. High Pressure Filters:
    Maximum working pressure 414 bar. G3/4, G1, G11/4 threaded ports, flange face option. Available in two bowl lengths. Microglass II media (x=200+) Spool type bypass valve. Visual or Visual/electrical indicator.

  2. Medium Pressure Filters: 250 Bar
    Maximum working pressure 250 bar. G3/4, G1, G11/4 threaded ports. Available in two bowl lengths. Disposable Inorganic Fibre Media 3, 6, 10 or 20 micron absolute. Visual or electrical indicator.

  1. Medium Pressure Filters: 40 Bar
    Maximum working pressure 40 bar. G1, G1 1/4, G1 ½ threaded ports and 1 ½ SAE Flange, 210 bar option. Available in three bowl lengths. Fibre glass element 3, 5,10 or 20 micron absolute. Visual, electrical or electronic indicator.

  2. Tank Top Filters:
    Maximum working pressure 10 bar. The recently introduced low weight, low installed height filter with surge responsive by pass valve feature: optional dipstick, fill port and snap-in bowl adapter. Thread options G½, G1, G 1 ½ (SAE options). Microglass II elements, 5,10 or 20 Micron Absolute. ( 200)

  3. Multiflow Tank Mounted Filters:
    Designed with integral visual indicator. UCC's multiflow range. Maximum working pressure 8 bar. Flows up to 600 lpm with extended elements. Sizes with 10, 20 and 50 micron absolute, disposable element options. G ½ , G ¾ , G 1 ¼ and 2 SAE size 4 -port options. Quick easy and factory clean element change.

  4. Spin-On Filters:
    Spin-0n filters with 10 or 25 micron absolute. Elements for low pressure, in-line filtration. Maximum pressure 10 bar. Designed for flow rates up to 350 lpm. Thread options G ¾, G 1 ¼ and 1 ½ BSPF and 1 ½ SAE (42PS)

  5. Portable Filter Cart:
    Parker filter carts are the ideal way to pre-filter and transfer the fluid into reservoir or clean the existing system.

  6. Portable Particle Counter:
    Direct connection into a system allowing machine operator to take on dynamic machine samples. Analysis range ISO 7 to 24 (NAS 0 to 12 inclusive). 6 channel particle measurement. 300 test memory.

  7. Filter Elements Parfit and Microglass II:
    Parker filter elements are interchangeable with leading manufacturers products. ISO standards. Competitively priced. High quality elements used as standard. High efficiency with exceptional contaminant holding capacity.

  8. Hydraulic Reservoir Accessories:
    Consistent quality, technical innovation. IP65 certified filler breathers, 10 & 40 metal filler breathers. Spin on air breathers for air borne contamination removal. Diffuser and suction strainer ranges. 3 sizes of high visibility, Fluid level temperature gauges.

  9. Finite Compressed Air & Gas Filters:
    Coalescing, Particulate & Adsorption Filters (Pressure: 10 To 300 bar, Flows: 10 To 37000 SCFM, 17 to 62,000 Cu.M/Hour)