1. EO-2 Fittings:
    The EO-2 version of EO standard range is a fitting system with soft seals at all joints. The most important feature is the use of EO-2 functional nut instead of progressive ring.

  2. EO Progressive ring fittings:
    These safe high-pressure fittings are used in all fields of hydraulics. A wide range of different designs allows individual use.

  3. EO-DUR Stainless Steel fittings:
    The EO-DUR coated nuts on these stainless steel progressive ring fittings are given a special pre-treatment & chemically nickel plated, this provides positive assembly feature. These fittings are used primarily in fluid systems in areas where special demands are placed on the equipment used, such as chemical industry, process technology and offshore application.

  4. EO Brass fittings:
    EO fittings are available in different designs of the EO standard range and approved for use in medium corrosion environment such as ship building, central lubrication and plant construction.

  5. O-Lok O-Ring Face Seal fittings:
    Soft seal fittings provide leak free connections for high-pressure hydraulic systems. Excellent where reliability and ease of assembly are important factors. For rigid tubing and hoses.

  6. Triple-Lok JIC 37 fittings:
    Triple-lok is universal 37 flared fitting for medium pressure applications. Usable with either Metric or inch size tubes, or hoses

  7. Prestolok 2 Push-in Fittings-Thermoplastic Body:
    Prestolok 2 is an instant fitting for plastic tubing, to be used with protective cap.

  8. Brass Adapters:
    Comprehensive range of adapters for versatile connections.

  9. EO Non-Return Valves:
    Non-Return valves with sealing by using a 90 degrees cone with seal of synthetic material. Valve has a lift stop therefore safe free outlet.

  10. EO Shut-Off/High Pressure and 2 way Ball Valves:
    Product Range: Series L from 6 to 35 mm,
    Series S from 6 t0 38 mm tube o.d.

  11. Industrial Hoses and Fittings:
    We can offer gas hose, steam hose, hose for chemical application, in various combinations which would be tailor made as per customer requirement or standard as per catalogue. The assemblies are backed up with in-house testing facilities which unable us to provide complete solution for customer applications.

  12. High Pressure Thermoplastic Hoses:
    Pressure range up to 70 Mpa, with outstanding flexibility, low volumetric expansion, small bend radius, light weight, Single or Multiple lines with crimped couplings. Assembly in your workshop acc. with Polyflex/Parkrimp assembly system.
    Construction: Thermoplastic materials with reinforcement of fibre or steel wire braids or Spirals.

  13. Thermoplastic Ultra High Pressure Hoses:
    Pressure range from 70 Mpa to 400 Mpa, low volumetric expansion.
    Application: Hydraulic tools, tension elements, test rigs, metal forming and offshore. Crimped couplings of special steel with maximum operating safety. Assembly and testing with polyflex workshop equipment.

  14. PTFE Hoses:
    With excellent resistance against aggressive media.
    Application: Chemical Industry, low and high pressure plants for expanded plastics, technical gases. Crimped couplings for assembly at your workshop according to Polyflex/ Parkrimp systems.

  15. High Pressure Couplings:
    Quick couplings combining advantages of high pressure and well proven designs (flush faced poppet, threaded types or ball locking mechanism).

  16. Industrial Hydraulic and Chemical couplings:
    Coupling with ball or screw locking mechanism available in a broad range of metals and seal compounds. They can be used in both in hydraulic and fluid handling applications.