AM TRIDENT TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. has more than 40 man-years of experience in design, development and installation of hydraulic power packs for various machine tools applications.

We can also supply power packs specifically designed to drive either high speed or low speed high torque hydraulic motors in closed circuit for hydraulic transmission, ideally suited for heavy-duty applications.

Our power packs are designed for 24 hours per day operation and are built to withstand harsh, hostile environments and feature automatic torque limiting, infinitely adjustable flow and are available with controlled acceleration / deceleration allowing for soft starts.

Various pump mounting options such as tank top / horizontally flange / bell housing mounted, Overhead or vertically mounted with submerged pump are available.


Power packs can also be delivered with standard equipment such as manifold blocks to mount various valves, shell and tube / plate type heat exchangers, pumps, swash plates, visual indicators, isolation mounts, and range of instruments for continuously monitoring oil level, temperature, and various pressures.

Hydraulic control circuits wired to a terminal strip located in NEMA 4 enclosure can also be supplied with start / stop buttons for electric motors, filter clogging light, low level light, high temperature light, and low charge pressure light. The entire assembly is duly tested, primed and painted before delivery.

Standard Features Benefits
Vertical Design Saves Floor Space
Horizontal Design Easy Maintenance
Overhead Design Provides flooded suction, easy priming
Submerged Pump Positive Pump Inlet
Precision Pump Mounting Adapters Longer Pump Life
Closed Coupled Motor Eliminates mounting adapter and potential for misalignment.
Suction Strainer Protects Pump from Contamination
Glycerine Filled Pressure Gage with Shut Off Improved Diagnostics
Oil Level Gage with Thermometer Helps to Maintain Trouble-Free Performance
Remote Compensator and Safety Relief Protects Against System Shock
Breather and Fill Cap Easy to Fill Tank, Control Ingression of Airborne Contaminants
Drain Plug Allows Drainage of Fluid
Clean Out Cover Easy Access to Inside of Reservoir
Single Removable Topplate Easy Serviceability of Internal Components
Temperature and Level Switch Improved Diagnostics, Failsafe System performance.