1. Cylinders:
    ISO/VDMA smooth profile cylinder, bore sizes 32-125 mm, max. 10 bar. Standard options: high/low temperature, locking device, gaiter, guided etc. Complete range sensors/mountings.

  2. Cylinders Tie Rod Type:
    ISO/VDMA tie road cylinder, bore size 32-200 mm, max. 10 bar.

  3. Mini Cylinders:
    ISO standard Cylinder. Bore size 10 - 25 mm max. 10 Bar. Standard Options: Adjustable cushioning.

  4. Short Build Cylinders:
    Cylinder bore size 12-100 mm, max. 10 bar, strokes up to 500 mm. Single/double acting, flexible porting.

  5. Short Stroke Cylinders:
    Cylinder bore size 12-63 mm, max. 10 bar, strokes upto 100 mm. Single/double acting with and without guiding.

  6. Rodless Cylinders:
    Cylinder bore size 16-63 mm, max. 8 bar, strokes up to 4000 mm. Several variants of carriage units and wide range of accessories.

  7. Stainless Steel Cylinders:
    All stainless steel double acting, bore size 10-125 mm, max. 10 bar. Adjustable cushioning. Clean design and lubricated with food industry grease.