1. B. Series Valves:
    Featuring wear compensation system, which offers fast response times, long cycle life and unlubricated operation. The range comprises 3 sizes: M5, G1/8 and G1/4 with 3/2,5/2 and 5/3 functions. Air or solenoid pilot available with a choice of inline or IEM manifold mounting.

  2. Viking:
    G1/8 and G1/4 directional valves, pneumatically or electrically operated, with 5/2,5/3 variants and hand or foot operated version. Highly recommended for mobile applications. G1/8 size features a modular sub-base system.

  3. Everdure:
    Available in 3 sizes: G1/8,G1/4,and G3/8. This complete valve system consists of 4/2 directional valves, 3/2 dump valves and 2/2 soft start valves. Used alone or in manifolds. Ceramic switching provides outstanding durability.

  4. Flowstar:
    Sub-base valves confirming to VDMA 24563 and ISO 15407/1 size 18 and 26 mm. Suitable for food applications. Easy to assembled multiple manifold systems.

  5. Flexflow:
    Sub-base valves series to ISO 5599/1 size 1,2,3 and 4. Built in adjustable exhaust flow control. Features hand actuation and spool position indicator.

  6. Apollo:
    Directional sub-base valves to ISO 5599/1 and CNOMO. 3 sizes 1,2and 3 pressure up to 16 bar. Sandwich flow control. Solid metallic construction makes Apollo highly suitable for heavy-duty industrial application.