1. Logic Elements :
    A complete system that allows economic automation of simple machines. Poppet technology guarantees reliability whilst set-up is simplified by omega rail mounting, modular design swivel connectors, instant connection and pressure test points.

  2. Modular Interface :
    Omega rail mounting, common electronics & pneumatics simplify set of these mini valves. Pneumatic indicators, LED's, manual overrides facilitate easy maintenance. Available in 3/2 & 4/2 version, monostable & bistable, instant F4 & F6 mm connections.

  3. PVL:
    Stand alone or stackable for easy assembly of modular valves. 3 sizes M5, G1/8, G1/4 with push-in or threaded connection, these compact high flow valves feature a built in sub-base. Manual overrides simplify set up and maintenance.