• Instrument Ironless rotor dc servo motors from 8 to 66 mm diameters with output power ratings up to 20 watts.
  • Industrial dc servo motors up to 84 mm diameter with power ratings up to 400 watts.
  • Optional dc tachogenerator, incremental encoders and parking brakes.
  • Optional drives, motion controllers and complete turnkey systems.
  • Optional servo gearheads with choice of precision grades
  1. General Purpose Small Geared DC Motors
    Low cost geared dc motors suitable for light duty general purpose drives
  1. Servo Motors up to 30W
    Ironless rotor low inertia dc servomotors. 22 to 66 mm diameter & peak torque ratings up to 0.36 Nm. Optional integral tachogenerators or encoders.
  1. Servo Motors up to 500W
    Skewed rotor low inertia dc servo motors combine robust construction with excellent servo response. 57 & 83mm diameter units with peak torque ratings up to 6.3 Nm. Optional tachogenerator & encoder.
  1. Ovoid Geared DC Instrument Servo Motors
    Wide range of speed & torque options up to 1 Nm. Ideal fast response instrument servo's with tacho, encoder or potentiometric feedback options

  1. Geared DC Servo Motors up to 500W
    Equipped with Planetary gearheads with ratio options from 5 to 100:1 and a choice of backlash grades. Ideal for rapid positioning.

  1. DC Servo Amplifiers
    Linear & PWM 4 quadrant Eurocard servo amplifiers with peak current ratings up to 20 Amps. Ideal for multi-axis system integration.