1. 8 - 12W BLDC48 Series
    Brushless DC motor with integrated drive electronics. 12 or 24 Vdc operation, choice of models providing clockwise or counter clockwise operation. 2 wire versions provide variable speed depending on supply voltage. 4 wire versions provide variable speed control at full torque proportional to a 0-5V control signal & a 6 pulse/rev monitor signal.

  1. 5 - 73W BMO5 Series
    Mounting flange and shaft design compatible with NEMA 23 stepper motors and are physically interchangeable. Optional encoder for position reference.

  1. Gearboxes to suit BM05
    Choice of heavy duty spur or planetary gearheads that directly suit the BM05 motors and a wide range of alternative motors. Featuring hardened gear trains with dicast housings and a range of bearing types produce a robust design with high torque capability.

  1. 35 - 50W BLDC58 Series
    Variable speed 24Vdc brushless motor with integrated drive electronics providing up to 50W continuous output power and a variable speed proportional to a 0-5V control signal.

  1. Geared BLDC58 Series
    Low cost solution to a wide range of light industrial and instrumentation applications requiring fixed or variable speed drive.

  1. Planetary Geared BLDC58
    For long life low speed applications, the specification of an IP/BLDC58 brushless motor in combination with an IP57 high strength planetary gearhead is ideal, providing high performance within a compact outline.

  1. Brushless DC Drive Module
    Two quadrant variable speed control of BM05 series motors. Continuous output current up to 10A.