The POWERTEC motor line includes NEMA Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV), Totally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO), Dripproof Fully Guarded (DPFG), and Dripproof Blower Ventilated (DPBV) enclosures. This broad array provides suitable motor enclosures and mounting for virtually any industrial environment. The motors are available with NEMA foot mountings, NEMA C face, and D flange mountings are also available.

High Efficiency
The brushless DC motor uses efficient ceramic ferrite permanent magnets bonded to the rotor to produce the magnetic field. Thus, there are no losses in the motor due
to rotor induction currents. All of the current delivered to the brushless DC motor is used to develop torque.

  • Perfect for Trapezoidal output drives
  • Non-conductive ferrite magnets - no eddy current losses
  • High Speed applications (10,000 rpm or more)
  • Better Inertia match for medium to high -inertia loads
  • Ratings from ½ to 300 hp Continuous Duty