FlexMax brushless DC drives represent a new concept in motion control technology. This very fast Servodrive, based on the VECONTM DSP and integrated with versatile and innovative hardware, is aimed at providing real-time control of servosystems. When you combine FlexMax with Powertec's brushless DC motors, you get the highest performance available anywhere in a high-power servosystem.

FlexMax is an IGBT Servodrive particularly suited for high bandwidth applications with brushless servomotors. Thanks to the innovative software installed on the flash EPROM, it can be considered as a combination of a digital drive and a PLC using a special software tool called WinPx.

FlexMax features full digital regulation with a 16 kHz cycle, a 5 kHz current loop bandwidth, a position loop with zero tracking failure, an analog interface, some dedicated digital interface, and I/O expansion.

Features and Benefits

High reliability IGBT Power Bridge No unexplained, random power components failures
Built-in 4 quadrant braking up to size PX-100 Regen braking available at no extra cost
Standard remote mountable, multi-position Keypad Display Flexibility for convenient access and readability at any mounting height
PC interface set-up program standard Develop/file complete drive set-up; copy and modify
Powerful software configuration for speed, torque, or position operation Do all your applications with one drive type including multi-axis positioning or simple speed control
Electronic Line Shaft standard with no wiring between drives (using Fast-Link) Provides built-in high accuracy shaft-to-shaft tracking
Fast-Link, 4 Mb/sec data exchange between drives Makes critical drive data available to all drives at the same time
All power derived from the DC bus allowing the storage of power in the capacitor bank Drive requires no other power source for operation
Widest input voltage operating range in the business: 480 vac +10% to 230 vac -15% Trouble-free, trip-free operation in marginal power situations. Nominal voltages including: 208, 220, 230, 380, 400, 415, 460, 480 vac
Intelligent Power Loss Protection Standard feature provides ride through/coast through protection for most power loss events
Shaft position control allows true 0% speed regulation Steady-state speed will not vary from no-load to full-load

Lots of Standard I/O available on the drive

  • 8 Digital Inputs, 24 vdc, 7 programmable
  • 6 Digital Outputs, 24 vdc, programmable
  • 1 Digital Output, Drive OK
  • 1 Relay Out: programmable, 250 vac, 1 amp, nc & no
  • Motor PTC input (or Klixon over-temp switch)
  • 2 Analog Inputs, 11 bits+sign, 0 to 10 vdc bipolar, or 4-20 ma
  • 2 Analog Outputs, 9 bits+sign, 0 to 10 vdc bipolar
  • Feedback resolver input
  • Feedback digital encoder input
  • Feedback Hall commutation input
  • Feedback digital encoder+Hall commutation input (speed halls A/B)
  • Feedback SinCos encoder input
  • Feedback absolute encoder input
  • Reference encoder input (encoder follower)
  • Encoder replication output, scalable TTL, isolated 150 kHz
  • Connections for external braking resistor
  • Connections for common bus operation
  • Expansion I/O options for digital in/out and analog
Simple Menu Headings for Setup

Monitor Drive Parameters
Motor Parameters Encoder Parameters
Ramp Speed
Current Speed / Position Gains
Digital Inputs Digital Outputs
Analog Inputs Analog Outputs, Encoder Repetition
Jog Function Multi-Speed Function
Multi-Ramp Function Position Parameters
Electrical Line Shaft Failure Register
Program Alarms System
Service Electronic Braking

Using the PC based Windows setup tool WinPx (provided standard, Windows 98®, Windows 2000®, or Windows ME® required), it's as easy as point and click. It takes a simple RS485 adapter to connect a PC, and then full file upload, download, and edit is available. Of course, setup can be done with the standard keypad as well, without having to use a PC.

If you buy a drive/motor package, the drive comes completely set up and ready to run. NO PROGRAMMING OR MOTOR TUNNING NECESSARY!