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Innovative Hydraulic Designs, Inc. USA (I H D) a world leaders in hydraulic drives and equipment.

IHD Drive systems include Hydraulic Motor, Power units & Control Systems & Accessories. We also carry out retrofitting of hydraulic drives in existing machinery.The benefits with our hydraulic drives are simplicity, saving space, improved control, reduced operating costs and high reliability with low maintenance in almost any environment.

IHD has installed over 5000 hydraulic drives in various industrial sectors.

IHD uses low-speed high-torque (LSHT) radial-piston multi-cam lobe hydraulic motors trade named TITAN™ for heavy duty hydraulic drives. These unique hydraulic motors are available now in twelve different sizes from 1098 to 38340cc per revolution with a wide range of accessories and mounting configurations.

TITAN™ motors are capable of operating from 0 to 200 RPM with pressures to 345 bar intermittently or 275 bar continuously. The largest motor can develop a torque in excess of 210000 Nm without the aid of a gear reducer (torque multiplier).

TITAN™ with planetary torque multiplier combination can develop a torque over 950000 Nm.

We also offer following Hydraulic Motors in smaller size

   Displacement cc/rev Torque Nm Speed rpm
Type A: Hydraulic Motors 208cc/rev. To 8791cc/rev 738Nm To 26730Nm 3rpm To 600rpm
Type B: Hydraulic Motors 52cc/rev. To 2095cc/rev 95Nm To 3050Nm 71rpm To 3050rpm

AM Trident Technologies Pvt. Ltd. represent IHD in India. We carry out designing, piping, installation and commissioning of hydraulic drives with technical assistance with IHD. AM Trident supply the power units required for hydraulic drives as per the design of our principals IHD. We can also offer the hydraulic motors, Powerpacks and components separately as desired by customer.

We shall be pleased to provide you additional technical and commercial information and visit you to discuss your specific requirements.