Mclennan Servo Supplies Limited
Unit 1, The Royston Centre
Lynchford Lane
Ash Vale, GU12 5PQ, United Kingdom
Main Line +44 (0)8707 700700 or +44 (0)1252 531430
Fax +44 (0)8707 700699 0r +44 (0)1252 531446

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McLennan is Geared To Providing Advanced Motion Technology
For over twenty years Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltd. has specialized in advanced motion control. During that time it has been their aim to continually develop a motion control programme that provides the optimum combination of price, performance and reliability.

Mclennan has also established its own design, development and manufacturing capability to ensure that they can provide a complete and optimized mechatronics solution.

A complete and optimized mechatronics solution based on:

  • Permanent magnet instrument stepper motors, low inertia dc motors, synchronous and brushless motors.
  • Hybrid stepper motors, industrial brushless servo & dc servomotors with optional tacho, encoder & brake.
  • Precision spur instrument gearheads, industrial planetary gearheads with ultra low backlash options.
  • High resolution industrial linear and rotary incremental and absolute encoders.
  • Stepper, dc servo and AC Brushless servo drive and control modules.

Complete customized control systems based on `In-service-proven` drive and control modules.


  1. Motors
  2. Encoders
  3. Planetary Gearheads
  4. Custom Built System