2, rue du Docteur Abel - BP 59 - 26902
VALENCE Cedex 9 - France.


Crouzet is an international company that specializes in automation control solutions..
Crouzet has a 2000 strong team which successfully:

  • Anticipates market requirements,
  • Understands your needs,
  • Optimizes standard based, customized solutions.

Around 50% of Crouzet's turnover comes from customized products or subassemblies.

The secret of Crouzet's success of is based on their:

  • Solid base of standard products
  • Multi technology know-how
  • Service Culture
  • Industrial Flexibility
  • Specialization by Market

Solid base of standard products
Crouzet considers a solid standard base of products to be an essential part of their production process. Today, Crouzet offer a complete range of readily available, standard products on global scale.

A service culture
Successful customization depends on Crouzet's capacity to understand customer's needs, offer the right solution, and ability to form a true partnership.

Crouzet's culture is based on all of these elements.

  • A reactive team of sales experts
  • Analysis for a customized solution
  • Customer oriented R&D
  • Modern information technology

Multi-technology know-how
The development of the ideal solution often involves using complementary, advanced technology and expertise in the field of

  • Sensing
  • Processing
  • Actuating
  • Communicating

Industrial flexibility
Crouzet's 7 specialized production centres throughout the world offer customers the best quality at the best price and in the right place.


  1. Pneumatics Control Products

  2. Automation Control Products

  3. Industrial Switches

  4. Motors