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Powertec manufactures high performance Brushless Servo and Adjustable Speed motors and drives (BLDC) for demanding industrial applications up to 400 HP. Powertec's broad line of available Brushless Servo (AC Servo) and variable speed products covers a range from fractional to 400 hp.

Both PacTorq (rare-earth permanent magnets) and Ferrite Motors provide very high efficiency and performance, and much smaller size, when compared to DC and vector drives. NEMA-standard frame and enclosure configurations include Open Dripproof, Blower Cooled, Liquid Cooled, and TENV ratings, and are suitable for environments ranging from clean and dry to explosive atmosphere. Or, let us customize a design to your exact specifications.

POWERTEC Brushless DC Motors are available with many special options such as Primary and Secondary feedback devices, blower motors, DC/AC holding disk brakes, thermal protection and de-rating and more to match exactly customers' requirements.

Our FlexMax and Genesis Brushless Drives are designed specifically for Powertec's brushless motors and are suitable for torque, speed, position, and electronic lineshafting applications.

POWERTEC can provide both Sinusoidal and Trapezoidal drives for use with Powertec Motors or we can help you apply a drive for your choice. Most State-of-the-art drive manufacturers make drives that will operate very well with either "Genesis" ferrite designs or the PACTORQ rare-earth designs.

Whether a Powertec motor is paired with one from our own line of Brushless Drives, or with one of many popular AC Vector Drives in the marketplace.....
When Performance matters... it HAS to be Powertec!

  1. GENESIS Ferrite Permanent Magnet Motors

  2. PACTORQ Neodymium-Iron-Boron (Rare-Earth) Permanent Magnet Motors

  3. NEMA Standard Frames Choices

  4. Primary and Secondary Feedback Devices

  5. GENESIS Series Brushless DC Drives

  6. FLEXMAX Series Brushless DC Drives