• Fully pre-wired systems based on 'in-service proven' modular technology customized to exact user requirements.
  • Multi axis stepper control systems provide up to 250 watts per axis.
  • Multi axis dc servo control systems up to 400 watts per axis.
  • Multi-axis brushless servo systems up to 5 kW per axis.
  • Hybrid systems combining stepper, dc servo and brushless technology.
  • Systems based on flexible motion controller suitable for use with stepper & servomotor based drives simplify motion control software.
  1. Eurocard Systems Components
    A range of Stepper motor, DC Servo and control modules in standard Eurocard format ideally suited for system integrators to construct a wide range of motor control solutions.

  2. Packaged Brushless Motors System
    Brushless servo motor systems based on proven drives and controls offering a wide range of solutions to your control problems. Single and multi axis systems from 30 to 5000 watts.

  3. Packaged DC Servo Motors System
    The SM9000 series, a range of free standing modular DC Servo motor systems incorporating power supply, amplifiers and powerful digital motion controllers for open or closed loop control.

  4. Packaged Stepper Motors System
    Alternatively, the same modular system flexibility but for stepper control with high performance bi-polar drives, again incorporating power supply and digital motion control. Robust EMC compliant enclosures with fan cooling suitable for free and rack mounting.