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Pneumatic Logic Element

With more than 40 years of expertise in Pneumatic Logic Element manufacturing, Crouzet is a name synonymous with quality & dependability. The company offers a wide range of pneumatic products for simple automation systems. The components available are for automation systems that make use of compressed air, without a source of electricity. The products consist of human/machine interface components, position detectors, pressure switches, amplifiers, pneumatic logic components, electro-pneumatic valves and industrial vacuum components. The Pneumatics products offered find usage in packaging machines, valves, medical equipment, food-processing machines, railway applications, hazardous and explosive environments, textile machines, industrial vehicles, industrial machines and more.

Crouzet Pneumatics range, which we deal in, includes :

  • Man/Machine interface components
  • Manual control valves
  • 3/2 valves and actuators
  • 2-hand control
  • Impulse counters
  • Indicators
  • Position detectors
  • Pressure decay Sensor
  • Position detectors
  • Pressure switch amplifiers
  • Pressure switches
  • Adjustable vacuum Switches
  • Leak Sensor relay
  • Amplifier relays
  • Pneumatic logic components
  • Sequencer modules
  • Sequencer sub-bases
  • Logic elements
  • Memory elements
  • Timers
  • Timer components
  • Regulator accessories
  • Sub-Bases for logic elements and relays
  • Mounting accessories
  • Electro-Pneumatic miniature control valves
  • Control valve assembly options
  • Miniature solenoid valves and sub-bases
  • Miniature control valves and sub-bases
  • Accessories
  • Miniature power valve stations
  • Solenoid valves
  • 3/2 Control valve and sub-base
  • Control valves (ISO 5599) and sub-bases
  • Intrinsically safe miniature solenoid valves
  • Intrinsically safe miniature valves and sub-bases
  • Intrinsically safe pressure switches
  • Multi fluid solenoid valves
  • Solenoid valves for fluids and inert gases